Mirror, mirror.

It’s funny; just above my desk, where I sit and write and do all the universe management I have to do, is a mirror. I can’t move it. Can’t hide from it. So every time I jolt out of all the busy of being a poet/writer/actor/whatever-else-I-convince-myself-to-be-at-any-given-moment, I see my own reflection staring back at me.

It’s really difficult to hide from yourself. For example, go ahead and watch a video of yourself eating before having dinner – I bet you’ll struggle a bit.

Life in London is a difficult one. Finding gigs is hard, paying rent is impossible and every once in a while you bleed your guts out on the streets. The best bits, as they always are, are to do with the people and the art you make. The stuff that challenges you. When someone makes you cry. When you make someone else cry. When you see an actor recite a text you’ve written. When they compliment you. When they curse you. When they talk behind your back. When they adore you. When they hate you. When they find you difficult. When they laugh at your jokes.

It’s a mix of those things and when you kinda forget, for a moment, that you’re a living thing that’s going to end, when you’re focused on getting the words right or working on the next thing – it’s the best.

And then you look up and see yourself in the mirror. You and you, together forever 🙂

Kui leiad aega, siis palun kuula Ebaõnne 13, see on podcast ja see on hea.

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