Went back to Estonia for a spell and it felt like falling into amber – suddenly stuck after a lifetime of hustle. It’s neither good or bad, just different. It seems I’ve gotten used to London’s speed and find any change of pace strange.

10 days felt like a lifetime! During which I produced a podcast and managed to jam with the band. Fun times = productive times. It was equally nice to kick back and see friends.

But man! Does Estonia feel ever so small. Can’t help feeling like I’m taking a step backward every time I go there. I hated London when I came here 5 years ago but I’ve changed so much that it feels like I’m in a parallel dimension.

I’m still looking for a job. Heard of anything? I’m a rhyme vigilante and half-decent on the piano, proud owner of dashing good looks and a very humble disposition. Will write for money.

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