Skinny-dipping, let’s go

I’ve kept this going once a month. So here I am. February.

scan_20170225-3 scan_201702252-copy scan_20170225

I’ve started sketching. I’ve never really drawn, but I’m drawn to it.
I’m the AD on our college production of Shakespeare’s Tempest so there are moments between rehearsals that I’m using to draw some stuff. Some people. Meandering and shuffling. Sand, dust and music. All theater stuff. I’m also playing the part of Sebastian as a few people dropped at the last second. It’s intense. I’ve never done Shakespeare. I’ve never been on stage like this either. This isn’t improv. Or a poetry reading. I have scene partners and lines. Motivation and moments I have to reach.

It’s all very artsy.  It’s difficult and I’m afraid, which means it’s probably good.

Still writing poetry.
Here’s one:


I’m writing a play. It’s in Estonian. I’m fairly into it and it’s not showing any signs of letting me go any time soon. I’ll probably finish it before summer. And speaking of summer – I’ve another book to write. It’s almost done. I’m close to it. Maybe half to go. I’m tinkering at it whenever I find a spare moment. I’m tinkering so I could be finished with it once it gets warm.


We’re shooting a few things in June, July and August. Something intimate and personal. Something about our own lives. It’ll be fun. Why not? Age gives way to relaxation. You stop caring about failing, you just, kinda, go for things. Trust your own taste. Trust the taste of people you love. Try to love more, etc.

And then… Start finding graduate schools. New York hopefully. Somewhere far away. Running, running.

I helped my dad on this original production.

Listen to my podcast if you haven’t already.

That’s it. Go away.

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