Lots of news.

Life is very, very busy, but I figured I should pull on all these strings and tie them up into a nice bow. Green tea is brewing; cheezy 80s pop is pumping at full volume; there’s nobody, but me and a cat in the apartment for a whole week.

It’s time to reflect while I’m visiting Estonia.

Had an art showing in Vancouver. Super random and surreal, but it happened. I wrote the project with Alina Senchenko just shortly before I left Canada for the UK. We sold a few books and everything went well… apparently. Can’t know for sure as I wasn’t there. They could all be elaborate lies for all I know. 12953060_10207615385174834_1659028579_o 12941265_10207615386174859_931803569_o 12919516_10207615387334888_386542098_o

Would’ve loved to perform some of the poetry, but I’ll do that next time.

Never had my work on a wall before.

My book is finished! It’s been that way for a while now. The road to publishing is paved with rejections and I’ve already acquired a few of them. But who cares! It’s done!

Gonna write the next one over the summer. It’s probably going to be something completely different from the first one. Way, way different.

Made another movie!

Heavily improvised and shot over three days. It’s too early to talk about it, but it’s about solitude which, for anyone who knows me, doesn’t come as much of a surprise I’m sure.

My dear friend Mari Armei outdid herself in the cinematography department. Here are some shots. I haven’t even messed with the colors yet and they already look amazing.
Sequence 01.00_02_17_01.Still004 Sequence 01.00_01_39_13.Still003 Sequence 01.00_00_54_02.Still002 Sequence 01.00_00_47_06.Still001

And some from behind the scenes. I’ve only got a few on me right now, but that’ll change at some point.

000027 000008 000018 2016-03-25 14.13.45

There’s nothing better than disappearing to secluded countryside with some talented friends to create & improvise. There really isn’t.

What else? I’ve gone vegan now. I’ve been a vegetarian for a while already and finally took the plunge. Don’t really have anything to say about it though so…

Currently in the middle of finishing writing my first play. It’s very raw, but I’m enjoying the process. Can’t wait to have a few talented friends over for a reading.

Going to Sweden soon. And then I’ll have to figure out a few things about my future. I definitely have an itch for New York, but I have no interest in starting out from zero again which means a bit of planning.

So yeah. Busy, but it’s my own doing. Two years ago in London I realized what my ambitions were and the overwhelming odds that are against me succeeding. It was a very difficult moment; the point where your teenage invincibility is suddenly stripped away and you’re left with exactly the tools you’ve got.

So I went to work. And I’m still at it. Love has to wait. Friendship has to wait. Settling down is impossible. Free time is something I can’t stand; making me feel wasteful and guilty.
It’s dangerous territory, but I’m keeping tabs on it. And hey, when has something great ever happened inside your comfort zone? You always regret the inaction, not the action. My work ethic has to match my ambition, so I have to constantly challenge myself. Sleep is for the dead; he not busy being born is busy dying, etc, etc, etc.

I’m hoping I can go to Haapsalu soon to check out Mari’s art show and then I’ll be flying back to the UK.

2016 is weird, isn’t it?

Much love,





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