a poem about new fires

Let’s kiss.

I have, without knowing it
offered up dark, wet groves
of past love affairs
and a night that will show
a cue to shiver
My hands flinch
endless loops of blood
make us fully human
but those unhelpful sweet lips
like Houdini’s stunts
inside a glass case stare,
Illegible waves collapse
onto the shores of newfound love

Life is an ever-widening strait
a chorus of light
and you keep all
darkness masked; flightless
cold and clear
I hear every word
from here to yesteryear.

Let’s say that cherries age
and a kiss comes like a glare
or that women are nothing
or men are nothing
but if I can hold you
still hot, riddling the patterns
I’ll comprehend the madness
of my blooming eyes
that widen when I see you

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