a poem about an old flame


Hope pricks diamonds out of words
glass glimmers white classic
sweethearts trapped; asleep
it’s dark, but remember
we caught love

most visitors stare at nightfall
most read this and think
simple, simple dazzling
and miss the glimmering

it blazes
no maps, no point
need not a coat
here in my arms
as I shake
glimmer, glimmer
weep o heart
stars, moon up above

glimmer, glimmer
don’t mourn
hands trace the walls
as you leave
fingers trace the heart
a tempest rages and then steps
into silence
love fills a lifetime
with reckoning

someone told me once not to cry
to wince instead
so the old engine heats
trapped in amber
lips dry
against yours

“use me, use me
in full”
write countless
acts of hope
weigh me against the world
and death will
equal us as one
don’t stop until you conjure
until the iridescent streets outside
become home
broken birds bloom
and hope leaves a corpse
in its wake

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