Here’s a small excerpt from my novel:

excerpt aflred-1 excerpt aflred-2


I’m happy with it. What did you think?

Here are some pictures. Bits of Vancouver are in there too. Unfortunately they destroyed one of the film rolls; a sacrifice to the film gods up above.
What else? Dancing went great, we performed and left it behind us. It was fun. Came in handy on new years when we went and danced in a random Russian bar back in Tallinn.
I might post something more introspective about the dance stuff in a week or so, we’ll see…


My book has an ending… There’s one scene missing from the middle; it’s what I’m working on right now. Now I just have to wait until my friends&family&loved one’s read it and give me some notes. Then I’ll edit, and edit, drink, weep, fight a bull, skydive, write poetry, edit, edit… and THEN I’ll start sending it to agents.

Exciting times, my love.




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