a box of things for the new year

If you click them, they will play

If I ever shoot a music video. MMMmm, look at that editing.

Miyake can make songs sound oddly dread, here’s that:

Dylan Moran is probably my favorite stand up and the latest one is great. “You don’t know anything right now! All you know is romance! That’s the easy stuff. Standing in your loft apartment, both dressed in white. Throwing each other annoying looks all day. The cats are walking over the piano. ‘Oh I know you, you know me. We made love 10 minutes ago, we’ll probably do it again in 10 minutes. I know you and your crazy genitals.’ The cats are drinking espressos and reading the Sunday supplements.”

There’s some good jazz out there. Had no idea.

This old dudes voice is very gentle and light.

“Try to remember the specific moment… the exact second that you knew you were really in love. Not a time or a date or a trip. But the instant that you knew for sure you were in love.”

“And then what?”

“And then sing about it.”

Sound engineers had a tough time removing Gould’s humming from his piano playing.

Saw this recently, it was great.

One of my favorite new discoveries.

Needs more subscribers. Started reading “Infinite Jest.” The movie about him isn’t half bad either.

Read this play, it was great.

Bob is the cutest cat. Time passes and love fades. Started reading his “Tarantula”… it’s… hard to decipher.

What a wounded song. Pop-fun.


New Yorker short story podcast is great.



Leo Tolstoy on finding meaning in a meaningless world.

Is there anything else? Probably, but I can’t remember. I’m writing an ending to what will most likely be my debut novel. It’ll be done in a few weeks time. What the hell will I do then, huh?

“Give me some more wine, because life is nothing.”
Fernando Pessoa

Have a lovely 2016.

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