I had this cat once
all black and curious with his eyes
he never gave up
and always bit and clawed and scratched
with a dangerous glint
but I loved him just the same

but life happened
and I couldn’t keep him with me anymore
I had to fly with a plane
and he wouldn’t fit on it
I had to live in a place
he couldn’t go to

So I grabbed him and fought with him
and managed him into a bag
to give to some friends of friends
that would hold him for a while
and he fought more and got out of the bag

So I walked with him
He digging his claws into my hands
through the street of London
bleeding from my neck
because he was angry

And I left him into a room
and he ran to hide under some couch
And I never saw him again
But remember the scars he left me
and I wish he’d scarred me more

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