Blame Canada


So I made it to Vancouver. Stayed in Toronto for a bit too. I like Toronto, it’s busy and has that big-city feel to it.

But goddamn I like Vancouver a lot more. It’s got something to do with the ocean. I could feel it as soon as I got off the metro. Byron said something about how man’s control stops at the sea. I like that, especially when there’s a huge city nearby, you’re still tethered to the ocean winds and its waves.

I’ll write more about Vancouver once I make enough pictures of it.

But here’s loads of Toronto:








Also, since I forgot, here’s that tattoo I got a while back. It’s a quill with a few ink drops. Fitting for a poet, don’t ya think?



What else?
I asked out a complete stranger. A gorgeous girl and she seems cool. Does anyone say, “Ice-cool” anymore? We should bring that back.
“She’s ice-cool.” I mean, c’mon, that’s a great sentence right there. I’ll write a poem titled “She’s ice-cool.” Watch out 2016. The year of the “Ice-cool” craze.

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