It’s 6 am and everything is perfect.

That song that I just linked you is something that inspired me to start writing my next movie!

What about that book Matthew? WHAT ABOUT THAT BOOK?
Calm down, still writing, still on schedule. It’s so goddamn tough though, so I need some distractions. So I finally learned to play my favorite Satie piece that I will immediately forget after I move to Vancouver(I won’t have a piano there.) Gosh, is that an amazing piano piece, might even threaten Debussy’s Clair de Lune(sacrilege, I know.)
Am I still reading my 4 books? Yeah, Sartre is almost done! So is Adler! And that’s two less. I think we can call this progress.

Finishing up on writing the subtitles for my movie. Since the lyrics are incredibly poetic it makes for a good challenge to translate them to English. I’m really interested in what an English speaking person will think of the movie. I mean… It’s an odd one 🙂 People sing in it. A lot. In Estonian.

What else?
Would love to go see my country home for one last time before I fly away. It’s still the only place where I remember each rock where it should be. The colors they turn when summer comes. How the ice is pushed to form mountains when it gets warmer. I want to listen to the Classical Music Station because that’s the only one the radio picks up. That place has given me so much humanity and made me more real than anything I’ve experienced. There’s something about being so far removed from rest of society. There’s complete silence and when planes fly overhead you feel like they asked for your permission and it’s only temporary.
I especially like it in the winter. The deer trails in the forest. How silent the world is and how easy it is to forget the world and fill it with that island and the snow that slowly slopes down from the sky. And it takes a while for you to get cold when you lay down. And then you can stare at the same whiteness up in the air and count the branches, or the red berries that have somehow survived. That island has an ability of framing perfectly everything you look at. And when it’s night you turn of all the lights and go out, you look up and see each and every star that you’ve forgotten in the city. And you feel big and small all at the same time.
It’s a fantastic place. Like Byron said: “There’s a pleasure in the pathless woods.”

See you

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