Dance with me, it’s 2015

I wrote this while listening to this:

I had the “premiere” of my movie in my living room. Got a screen, a projector and showed it off to friends. It seems people really liked it, nobody got bored and everybody wanted to see it again. It’s weird, but having a screening really makes it official that there’s now a movie I’ve made.
Can’t wait for you to see it, but festivals don’t like it being online so you’ll have to wait a bit. (Or if you actually know me in person, you can just request it and I’ll send it to you)

Started reading another book, I mean who reads only 3 books at the same time, right?! So I started on Murakami 1Q84 to add a 4th one to the list. I hope I like it. Gotta read them quick, cuz I can’t really take them with me to Vancouver. Should finish Sartre’s “Nausea” soon, it’s a good book. It ebbs and flows and it’s very similar to my own writing, where the main character notices details in life and adds an ambiance or a feeling to them. He’s trying to describe thoughts so nebulous, but somehow achieves it:

“I exist. It is soft, so soft, so slow. And light: it seems as though it suspends in the air. It moves.”

“Objects should not touch because they are not alive. You use them, put them back in place, you live among them: they are useful, nothing more. But they touch me, it is unbearable. I am afraid of being in contact with them as though they were living beasts.”

Moving on.
I feel like 2014 was actually really busy for me and I’ve done enough to not regret. I lived in London, wrote 3 screenplays(2 shorts, one pilot), got my heart broken, worked in my first real-actual-you’re-getting-paid-enough-money-job, quit the job(cuz dreams), moved back to Tallinn, wrote and directed my first movie, set a deadline to write a book in two months and finished the first half of the book on time! AND I’m moving to Canada. AND I’m gonna start off the first month of 2015 by finishing the 1st draft of my 1st book!

half done half to go

I mean…. that’s a lot of shit to happen in 365 days.  If I can keep up this pace in 2015, I’ll be one happy cool-cat.

There’s stuff I really want to achieve in 2015, but listing them out… would make feel like a pretentious idiot
But this looks awesome.
so does this

Hope you have a great 2015 filled with the stuff you like and the people you love!

Since I like ending a post with a picture:
Here’s me and my friend Mary who’s going to USA(Canada’s pants)! We’re brushing teeth because health is important.

bCifR6p - Imgur

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