We slept under starry skies, the air was warm here and I looked for new constellations and kept naming them until I fell asleep.


That’s something from my book! Reached 20 000 words today, so that’s pretty good.
I’m not doing anything else and my days(mostly nights, really) are spent making tea, walking in circles in various rooms while holding said tea, and then writing. Repeat ad infinitum.
But I’m really happy how it’s turning out, I really like it, like I liked a short story I wrote years ago and that one turned out pretty good. So high hopes!
Still learning Gymnopedié no. 1 on the piano. No song can calm me like that one and I’m really going to miss the piano in Vancouver. I can still tap on tables and sing it in my head!

I feel like a poet again. And that’s goddamn magnificent. Haven’t felt it in years.

Okay. Back to writing.

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