Canada and the book.

I’m moving to Vancouver, Canada on the 6th of February. It’s insane how much your life can change in one year, but I guess that’s what it is being young right?
I’ve written about a quarter of my book. It’s not easy and probably the loneliest thing to do, is to write a book. You forget other people and kinda dwell in this weird world you’ve concocted in your head. Thank god there’s a romanticized image of writers, they will never know what it’s truly like!

The book is heavily influenced by Murakami with heavy doses of magical realism. The main character has a chance meeting with someone who doesn’t seem to be from this world, and doesn’t belong anywhere. Things happen and his only choice is to follow her to wherever and whatever she is going. This means jumping through memories and almost hallucinatory imagined scenes. We’re never sure what is real.

Or something like that, I’m still writing. Every. Day.

The movie I made is pretty similar, in that I like to leave things for the audience. I don’t like spelling stuff out. I think, since I started with poetry, that I’m trying to write everything the same way as I write my poems. You rarely spell stuff out in poems, you let the reader meet you half way. It’s like the poets I’ve talked about in this blog, they let you think and almost actively create the other half of the poem.
I want to do the same thing with my book. I also like discovery and finding great experiences in little, day-to-day things we all do. I like slowing down time and appreciating the color of the streetlights and creating a whole world around that one moment. Imagining who built it, where the factory was and how that ONE worker felt with this ONE streetlight bulb he was making. Or, just as well, you can go down a fantastical path and create a lone old man, who pets each of the streetlights and turns the cold halo into a warmer amber one. Who is he? How can he do it and can he do other stuff?
They’re both equally interesting to write.

So yeah.
Life is exiting.

Hope all’s well with you

Here’s one of the happiest songs I’ve heard in a long time.


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