Only lovers left alive

In many ways you were great. There was a sense of magic to our relationship that I feel will be tough to find. Probably everybody says that though, right? And you don’t seem to feel that way, since it was you who wanted to break up.
But I still remember… I remember the snowstorm behind my window. You had a show in Finland and I was waiting for you to come home. The lightning shattered the snow every once in a while, and the world reflected. Pure white.. no, amber. The streetlights colored it amber and my room was filled with it.
For a time we lived in London. It was raining and you had forgotten your keys. I remember seeing you, you were dressed in the sounds of rainfall. We were drifting apart, but I still loved you. I still saw the magic. Now I realize, that it was always me. I saw it and you never did. I had something you found attractive and it was the way I saw you and the world. I have the magic. And you lost it.

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