Old letters

I remember
The Eiffel Tower
It swayed gently when there was wind
I was young
But still found the streets of Montmartré
Like a romantic future
A smile when playing the piano
The fingers caressing the keys
As I walked down that street
It was all there
All of what I would become
The people I would meet
The jumps I would take
Fast-forwarded when I closed my eyes

I used to write letters to you
Ripped up spirits
Reflected on the walls
What was there before I met you?
Dimensions between mirrors
Barely distinguished
And old
Past memories confused
But the present a constant
It exists somewhere
Dressed in the sounds of rainfall
Like you were
When we met

I remember
The Eiffel Tower
Jumping in the wind
Left out of the world
I remember feeling the
Cold, bronze fence
On my fingers
I remember feeling people
Warm news
Filled with spy-games and poetry
Spaces between all of them
Some are closer
Nothing will pull me apart
From that tower
Or the rainfall I saw on the streets of London
There are moments that will stick with you
Reality is where we all live
And I will treasure you
From once to forever

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