Here’s the trailer for that movie I made!


So… When I was a wee lad, I remember dreaming or wishing naively, that one day I’d have some cool, talented friends and we’d make movies or write screenplays together.
These dreams(and we all have them) kinda disappear. And after a while you forget about them and you go do your thing. But then one day, you find yourself in London. And you click the “New Word Document” button and you have no idea where you’re going, but you feel it’s towards something good.
So imagine my surprise, this summer, when there’s a camera and actors and my script and all this talent and creativity around me. And I know all of these people. There’s a very silent feeling, of wanting all of this.
And you just might hear, if you listen very closely, something whisper:”Hah, gotcha.”
Now THAT’S a good feeling.

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