Let’s go to Paradise and make a movie part 1

Once upon a time… I wrote a script and the pdf file is now slowly turning into a movie and it is surreal to see it happen. I’ve barely slept these few weeks, but it’s been incredibly inspiring and feels like an achievement. There’s nothing like the crackling energy that jumps out of everyone on a film set.



It’s incredibly easy to shoot a movie when you’ve lived in the location for half your life. It also just happened to be one of the most beautiful places on earth – it feels like a place outside of time and space.



Never let the cat out.


10285640_10153560370842588_8807073626995117014_o 10338430_10153560349307588_5401832390792929791_o  _MG_2064

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Wise words.


Your guess is as good as mine.

10496905_10153563511312588_3352490727333330382_o 10497254_10153560343862588_7810773416169973470_o


“Oh right! Was the sound good?” Sound is something you completely forget when making a movie. You’ve set up the camera movement and where the actors are and then you remind yourself that there’s supposed to be dialogue in the scene and you need to fit a boom mike somewhere.


This is usually how you solve this particular problem.


I see you Pessoa, silently creeping!


This is me punching open the door for the cinematographer as she runs through.


And here we are watching the just-filmed footage! We ended up shooting this way too many times. Turns out running with a camera is tough.


The pleasures of filmmaking condensed into one emotional outburst by Mari Armei.


“We’re losing light”



Ah, the birth of a meme. “Uncle Mehis says: Go For It!”

10535578_10153563522777588_7354027495929093762_o   as

As a director one of the key things is making your actors feel relaxed.


Obviously I have completely mastered this, since they seem to fall asleep even when I’m directing them!



The “before” a scene …


And the “after” a scene. Emotions are tough!



A Supermoon graced us with its presence on one of the nights and I think this picture is as good as place as any to leave you… for now. I’ve only scratched the surface and I’ll have so much more to post here. I mean, there’s gotta be a blooper reel, right?

I’m gonna go catch up on some sleep. I’ll see you in a bit and remember what Kool-Bear taught you: Stay Fresh and Say “NO!” to drugs!

On second thought… if your name is Kool-Bear you’re probably already into some deep shit, so maybe don’t listen to that guy.


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