Such a fire, such a heart.

A dance of the dim moonlight
In a forest filled with wondering
And wondering filled with you
Flying through the soul
Pounding your name against the waves
Bringing me down and walking me through
Such a fire, such a heart

My mind is observing, beheld dreamily
By the duality of this blinding storm
Words break in my mouth like glass
And I can touch the differences in our hearts
They murmur and sigh back at me
Ever hear a heart sighing?
It sounds like hesitation, a missing beat

My curious fingertips sink deeper
Taken by a luminous trail
The frail mirrors of our minds
I’ve never been this lost
Lying alone, hand to my chest
In a bed half empty
With tears carefully melting down
The pale flickering life
Such a heart, such a fire
Drowned by pendulum waves

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