You were the thought of my life

The thought of my life

You were the thought of my life
Between the sound and convention of me
You’ve always been there
Rippling through my fat granite walls and easy snow
Beat up and thrown down
And still alive
Still as beautiful as when we saw it first
A natural phenomenon outliving death

The thought we had
Will never leave
It will change shapes
Amid the traffic jams of people
Through the quiet, sulking centuries
But with a grin it will stay raw, raw, raw
Its eyes will jump on my soul
And rumble in my head
It will grow a distance of remorse
And pluck a few sunbeams from every light

For a moment you’ve taken me completely from this world
And burned me into a change
The darkness now sounds soft and sweet
And I feel myself staring at the Grin
I tilt my face towards it
Cracking its every pale smile
Along the veins in my hand
The end rushes towards me
Fragmenting my deepest souls

I’ve become thought
I’m pushing myself through all time
Watching you as long as I dare
I hope there’s a world waiting for us
Where the dead will not stay for long
And life and thought will live
A place where movement survives
And gives us a new potential direction
To meet again and again in different lifetimes.

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