Rap is the new poetry!


Dad lost his job, mama worked at Mrs. Winner’s
Gun pulled in her face, she still made dinner
“Donald watch the meter so they don’t turn the lights off”
Workin’ two jobs so I can get into that white school
And I hate it there
They all make fun of my clothes and wanna touch my hair
And my uncle on that stuff that got my grandma shook
Drug dealers roughed him up and stole his address book
He’s supposed to pay ‘em back
He owe ’em money but his bank account is zero
So my momma made us sleep with Phillips heads under the pillow
Like that would do somethin’
But she’s got six kids, she’s gotta do somethin’
She don’t want me in a lifestyle like my cousin
And he mad cause his father ain’t around
He lookin’ at me now, like
“Why you so fuckin lucky? I had a father too
But he ain’t around so I’mma take it out on you”
We used to say “I love you,” now we only think that shit
It feels weird that you’re the person I took sink baths with
Street took you over, I want my cousin back
The world sayin’ what you are because you’re young and black
Don’t believe ‘em
You’re still that kid that kept the older boys from teasin’
For some reason

[Verse 2]
The reason that they say I’m nothin’ what they seen or heard’s
The same reason Will Smith always opposite Latino girls
They only see you how they wanna see you
‘Til you make them see you in some other way
I’m trippin’ off the other day
Cause God knows what these white kids say and do
Dude you’re not not racist cause The Wire‘s in your Netflix queue
Subtle racism
It’s hard to pin it cause you’d only understand
If you were me for just a minute
This one kid said somethin’ that was really bad
He said I wasn’t really black because I had a dad
I think that’s kinda sad
Mostly cause a lot of black kids think they should agree with that



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