I like..

This is a given but I love seeing people do exactly what they’re good at. For instance, while the music is nice, watching an amazing pianist is just as much about watching them get in to it.

I like seeing strangers defy my expectations, like the scary tattooed guy holding the door for someone.

I like watching different people smoke. So many mannerisms and so unique for each person.
I like to see when people smile genuinely, and you get a sense of who they really are.
Singing in the car when they don’t think people can see.

I like to watch “Adults’ forgetting they’re adults for a moment, weather playing with their kids, or in a toy store on their own, I do this all the time, weather my daughter is with me or not. I was in the toy department of a store once and a couple with a young child was perusing the toy aisle (as was I), and the husband wandered over to the nerf guns and (in his suit) picked one up, then another and was sighting down it, and then did a little “gun-fu” flourish, it was incredible and fun to watch this “man” become a boy for just a moment… until his wife shut it down, she seemed embarrassed. Fortunately for me, my wife is much more forgiving of my “boy” moments.

I like watching people I love sleep. I think it’s great when they’re so peaceful and sometimes they smile occassionally.
I like to see people picking up litter when they accidentally drop it rather than look at it for a second then carry on.
I like to see people sitting alone at a park bench reading a book that I already read.
Tripping is one if my favorite things to see especially if they think no one has seen them do it. Either way they always try to play it off like they suddenly broke into a jog-like pace for three steps instead of laughing at it and not taking themselves so seriously. But honestly, them taking it seriously makes it funnier.
That moment when someone figures out how to do something and their body language reads “Oh shit I figured it out, fuck yeah!” as their system is flooded with endorphins.
I like to see people eating packed lunches by themselves. I just always picture the person at home making it the night before, and I find it to be really endearing.

-from the internet

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