I’m sorry, are Muslims offended by images of Muhammad? Tough shit. Look, if you want to believe in the boogey man, that’s your prerogative, but it stops being “Corky from Life Goes On” adorable when your batshit crazy beliefs begin to effect those around you.

You know what offends me? That your beliefs in a god (whether you’re Jewish, Christian, or Muslim) affect, and sometimes dictate, the way you vote, which does affect me. I’m offended by Sharia Law. I’m offended by the dark ages and all of the progress that humanity has lost because of religion. I’m offended by all of the energy wasted on religion. I’m offended by honor killings. I’m offended by the ongoing violent conflict between Palestine and Israel. I’m offended that in my professional career I have to pretend to also believe in your delusions just so that I don’t get black balled. I’m offended by the Crusades. I’m offended by the Inquisition. I’m offended by organized child rape and those that cover it up. I’m especially offended that religion is inflicted upon those that are too young and weak to defend themselves from religious indoctrination and the life time of baggage that goes with it. I’m offended that I can’t buy liquor on Sundays because you believe an invisible man lives in the sky. I’m offended by the blatant sexism present in religion. I’m offended by every violent act and murder ever committed in the name of religion. Most of all, I’m offended by the fact that, despite all of this, despite all of the evil done in the name of religion, the rest of you, the “good” believers, still adhere to this bullshit.

tl;dr – they offended me first.

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