bootleg of a bootleg

This intro is like a cosmic whirlpool turbine. Lazily gathering the stars of thought and then to mash them into hazy consolations. Fantastic a’int it , the images, the feelings, the cracks of the recording. But it’s unfortunate that people think of him of as a bad singer, there shutting themselves out from a universe of magic and so much more

“I just saw you that one time and you were just there that’s all.”

It’s such a great line, you know exactly what kind of person he’s talking about as soon as he says it. (this is talking to her friend) Dylan is a real writer; you know this because he produces truth and images with words we all use. He’s not in the business of trying to make a cleverly structured verse with a nominally relevant obscure four-syllable word to try to demonstrate his intelligence: he just says it simple.

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